St. Louis, MO
Seen on Manchester Ave., St. Louis, MO
Toynbee Tile, CityGarden, St. Louis, MO

I am a fearsome storm

I will bring life or destruction as I see fit

I will blow out as suddenly as I arrived

Not a minute sooner than I want to

These purple lines on my legs are lightning

And you will fear when you hear my thunder


If you haven’t noticed, I am also the sun in January

And I will warm your frost-bitten nose

And slow the chilled wind

Just as readily

As I will melt the glacier beneath your feet

And scald the face that struggles for air in cold waters


Finally, my face is the night sky

Each hectic pink dot is a constellation

Part of a universe stretching to infinity

I am above you when you sleep, wake, and when you do not think of me

And no matter how big a rocket you build

You can never know my every inch

We, in Relation to the Cosmos, etc.

For so long I was a mad satellite

Running frantic orbits around my sun

And I confused the heat of exersion

For fireball warmth

Now I am no planet

You are not a star

We course through space instead

As comets hurdling, parallel

I stayed awake

In the foolishly vain hope

That by doing so

I might ward off the morning